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Optical Interactive Whiteboard-2 Users(DV)
  •   Optical Interactive Whiteboard- 2 Users(DV)

    • 2 different users at the same time
    • Plug-and-play for windows system
    • True HID device without driver 
    • Wireless module optional
    • Mutitouch gestures supported 
    • Digital vision touch technology, dual writing
    • Finger touch or any opaque object writing
    Optical Interactive Whiteboard- 2 Users(DV)
  •   Portable Interactive Whiteboard(Interpro)

    • Small in size--excellent interactive carry-on solution
    • Able to work on any flat writing surface
    • Infrared Stylus for touch function, supporting multi-writing up to 64 points
    • Cost saving--no need for costly interactive whiteboard/display any more
    • Easy to install and easy to use
    Portable Interactive Whiteboard(Interpro)

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