IntechSharing – Awesome Device Mirroring Solution

Posted: Oct. 17th, 2017

IntechSharing software, launched by Xiamen Intech, is absolutely an awesome solution for the device mirroring, which is able to aid to create a more interactive learning environment and more effective lessons by synchronizing your INTECH interactive whiteboard with your mobile devices, like smartphone, tablet, etc. It features an abundance of functionalities you may interest.

1. Simulate mouse features
You can use your finger as like the mouse to operate on your phone, which allows you to move, single or double click, switch or close the page of your PC.

2. Courseware demonstration
It permits you to remotely open your computer’s PPT or IWB courseware. Additionally, there are a host of tools available to help you make a wonderful presentation, such as smart pen, laser pen, spotlight, and so on.

3. Upload files
You can insert pictures or videos from your phone to the files on your PC; meanwhile, you can make further annotations by using postil function, laser pen, etc.

4. Sync screen with PC
It enables to mirror the PC screen on your phone, and allows you to control and run PC through phone.

You can download it through App Store or just click here.

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