Intech for Smart Campus
You may have noticed, the term “smart campus” is prevailing now, but what does it mean? Thanks to the IoT technology, smart campus makes everything connected, the devices and applications can interact with each other and users across the different systems but over a common network. INTECH smart campus IoT solution involves with a wide range of sub-systems, including intelligent power management system, intelligent recording system, environmental sensing & control system, access control system, etc., which will accelerate the development of the digital school.

Features & Benefits
  • streamline the staff’s daily management

  • enrich the educational methodology and change the way students learn

  • reduce energy consumption and power cost while making campus buildings automated

  • make campus safer and securer and more comfortable for everyone living, learning, working there

  • a wealth of real-time data analysis supporting profound insights for campus better investment and future development

How Does Intech IoT Smart Campus Solutions

Reshape the Traditional Schools?


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