RFID Technology on Library
  • A comprehensive RFID (radio frequency identification) system usually contains three parts: RFID tag, reader and a server.
  • The unique information programmed on the microchip in RFID tag affixed into the library items can be read through radio frequency technology (also called reader) at a certain distance and then sent to the server. Meanwhile, the server communicates with the library management system once the RFID system has been interfaced with it.
  • It has been widely applied into the library functionalities like self service, inventory management, theft detection, maintain the privacy of library users, etc.
Features & Benefits

  • easy to install & maintain

  • increase circulation rates

  • reduce cost of time and finance

  • reinforce overall security levels in your collection

  • enhance patron satisfaction by speed up borrowing and return procedures

  • cloud reporting enable you to access your statistics from anywhere

  • make your RFID compatible with existing library management system

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