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INTECH Intelligent Pen-Tray
How it works:
The INTECH Pen Tray consists of 3 color-coded slots for pens and one slot for the eraser, one slot for wand. Each slot has a sensor to identify when the pens and eraser have been picked up. You can write with the pen or with your finger, as long as the pen slot is empty. The pen tray recognizes which tool was removed from its slot most recently.

The Interactive Pen-Tray enables user easily select different pen color or an eraser without selecting any button on the software. User can pick up any pen (Black/Red/Blue) or an eraser from the Interactive Pen-Tray and it will identify which one has been selected.

If someone accidentally takes a pen or the eraser home, simply cover the sensor with a pen lid or a sticky note to continue using your interactive whiteboard until the tool is returned.

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