1. Why is my writing unable to be displayed on the screen?
• The color of the writing pen you have chosen is similar to or the same as that of the background. Please try another color which is different from the background.
• Please remove any other object away from the screen when writing.
• Please make sure that the software of Interactive Board is running.

2. Why is the Icon displayed in the taskbar at the right bottom of the screen?
• The USB cable is in poor connection between the whiteboard and the computer. Please make sure the connection is not loose.
• The USB cable is not of the original packing. The USB cable adopted which is made of superior quality materials for interactive whiteboard application can not be substituted.
• Abnormal situation appears when installing the software. Please uninstall the software and restart the computer, then install the software again.
• USB cable connection between the computer and whiteboard is improper. Please refer to the User Manual and correct the connection.
If the icon is not displayed in the taskbar at the right bottom of the screen, please re-start the Server.exe and Interactive Board.exe.

3. Is it necessary to carry out the “position location” operation again after re-installing the software of interactive whiteboard?
No, it’s unnecessary. The system has remembered the parameter of previous position location.

4. Is the content which is covered by the window of “Index Page” lost?
No, the content is just temporarily covered, which still exists.

5. How to know the working state of whiteboard?
When there is any touch on the board, if the light at the right bottom of the board turns blue, it indicates that the whiteboard is working correctly. If the light keeps still as red, it indicates that the whiteboard may have some problems in the hardware.

6. Why does no change take place sometimes after changing the background color?
It’s probably because the background color is covered by another large size image.

7. Why does the projected image look like a trapezoid? How to make the trapezoidal correction?
It occurs when the projector is not placed flat, which will affect the display of the picture.
Please refer to the Product Specifications and make the corresponding correction.
The following ways apply to most projectors.
• Changing the height of the projector
• Making the correction through the remote control

8. What kind of projector is required for the interactive whiteboard?
Any projector that meets the following requirements is applicable.
• Front projector
• Support for the resolution of computer
• Luminous flux ≧ 500 lumens. Specific requirement is dependent upon the room size.