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Multimedia All-In-One PC

This multimedia All-in-One PC is a combination of a computer, a central controller, a digital visualizer, keyboard, touch pad and speaker. Wall-mounted beside the interactive whiteboard, it allows the instructors to easily control the speaker, computer projector, visualizer by pressing the keys on the central controller panel. There are two colors for options, black and white.


Innovative and Highly Integrated All-in-One PC

key board & touch pad        Patent Built-in Keyboard and Touch Pad
  •  Built-in keyboard and touch pad
  •  Used as a visualizer platform in size of 250*580mm
  •  Can be folded up

OPS PC        Built-in OPS Mini PC
  •   PC: OPS mini PC, Intel I3 CPU (I5/I7 is optional)
  •   RAM: 2G (4G is for option)
  •   Hard Disk: 500G (1T is optional)
  •   Integrated high-performance sound card, video card and gigabit Ethernet

top interfaces        Top Interfaces
  • Output: 1 way
  • Input: 1 way
  • R-Audio: 1 way
  • L-Audio: 1 way
  • VGA: 1 way
  • USB: 4 way
  • RS232: 1 way
  • HDMI: 1 way
  • IR: 1 way
  • RJ45: 1 way

speaker        Custom-made Hi-fi Speaker for Classroom
  • Power: 2*20W
  • Resistance: 4Ω
  • Sensitivity 85DB
  • Frequency response: 100HZ-18KHZ

central controller        Central Controller
  • Touchable Panel;
  • Easy to control PC, projector and whiteboard;
  • One key to power on/off all devices;
  • Projector power-off delay protection;
  • Multifunctional keys: USB*4, VGA, HDMI, Power on/off, MIC, PC on/off, Projector on/off, Mute, Volume+/-, IR

interfaces of central controller        Interfaces of Central Controller
  • VGA*1, USB*4, 3.5mm Jack*1, Wireless Microphone Antenna*1, WIFI Antenna*1

digital visualizer        User-friendly Digital Visualizer
  • Resolution: 2592*1944 (5.0M Pixels)
  • Scan Size: A4
  • Color: 24bit
  • Scan Speed: 1 second
  • Scan Object: File, document, books, text, real object, face, etc
  • Light Resource: High brightness LED, natural light
  • Photo Format: JPEG, TIF, PDF, etc
  • Video Format: AVI, MPEG4, H.264, FLV

security management        Security Management
  • Fully close locked, easy to keep;
  • Comes with keys and a lock to avoid the control panel, visualizer, keyboard to be operated by naughty students.

product dimension         Product Dimension
  • Dimension: 1280*260*80mm
  • Packing Size: 1410*290*120mm
  • N.W./G.W.: 15.5kg/17kg


Multimedia All-in-One PC INFC-4000





  Black, white

  Lock system

  Mechanical and Smart lock for options

  Top Interface

  Lan port, VGA out, power in/out, RS232, IR, USB port, Audio out, Video out, etc


  N.G 15.5kg; G.W.17kg


  Structure Features

  Slim and compact design, the top panel is fully closed, with side cable holes, dust-proof


  OPS I3 PC(I5/I7 for options)


  RAM: 2GB/4GB, HDD: 500GB/1000GB for options


  Integrated graphics Intel HD Graphic 2500, Support 1920*1200, High performance sound card


  Direct upgrade CPU to I5, I7 series, no need to replace the motherboard

Central Controller

  Control Panel

  Touchable panel

  One-key switch on/off the system


  Projector power-off delay device


  Projector anti-theft alarm


I/O Interface



  1way output, 1 way input


  4 way input, 1way output


  3 way input, 2 way output


  4 way

  232 Port

  1 way

  Power Output

  2 way

  IR Port

  1 way independent programmable infrared interface


  2 way (1 way wired microphone, 1 way 2.4G wireless microphone)

  Lan Port

  1 way


  Available for options

     Digital Visualizer


  5.0M pixels

  Scan Size




  Scan Speed

  1 second

  Scan Object

  File, document, books, text, real object, face, etc

  Light Resource

  High brightness LED, natural light

  Photo Format

  JPEG, TIF, PDF, etc

  Video Format

  AVI, MPEG4, H.264, FLV

  Image Effects

  Brightness adjustment, exposure adjustment, sharpness, color adjustment, gain adjustment, delete the black edges, image color adjustment, image shearing


  Built-in, Laptop type (with Patent)


  20W (10W*2), Resistance 4Ω, Sensitivity 85DB, Frequency Response: 100HZ-18KHZ


  Sensitivity: 450mV

  Frequency Response


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