INTECH Smart Book Cabinet


RFID technology on library management system

  • RFID stands for radio frequency identification, which pioneers its territory in contemporary library until 2000, by integrating itself into library management system. It has proved to be an effective, secure and convenient technology in library functionalities like self service, inventory management, theft detection, maintain the privacy of library users, etc.
  • A comprehensive RFID system usually contains three parts: RFID tag, reader and a server. The unique information programmed on the microchip in RFID tag affixed into the library items can be read through radio frequency technology (also called reader) at a certain distance and then sent to the server. At this time, the server communicates with the library management system once the RFID system has been interfaced with it.


  • Installed in any locations: community centers, medical facilities, schools, any library branches
  • Patron ID type: Mifare, barcode, facial recognition, RFID for user ID
  • Connection to ILS/LMS via SIP2, self check in and checkout 24/7, offline supported
  • Keep materials circulating: as soon as items hit the shelf they are checked in, security is reactivated and they are available for checkout
  • Reading statistic management: ranking for readers and books; book sourcing management
  • Integrated with traditional book drop for donation
  • Low maintenance, device fault reporting automatically


  • Model WT02-01A
  • General

  • Item Identification RFID
  • RFID Standards ISO15693, ISO18000-3
  • Patron card type Barcode, RFID, Mifare, ID
  • Pin Code Entry touch screen
  • Compatibility and Programs

  • Operating System Android
  • Network TCP / IP
  • LMS SPI2
  • Connections RS232 (HF IFD), RS232/USB (card reader), LAN & WIFI & Bluetooth (main frame)
  • Mechanical Info

  • Capacity 84 books
  • Frequency 13.56MHz
  • Input Voltage 220 V; 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption ≤20 W
  • Relative Humidity 20%~70%
  • Operating Temperature -10℃~+50℃
  • Storage Temperature - 20℃~+60℃
  • Materials sheet metal, reinforced glass, acrylic
  • Screen Size 7’’ capacitive touch screen, 5 touch points
  • Dimensions 672*1513*334 mm