INTECH Smart Bookshelf


What Is INTECH Smart Bookshelf?

INTECH Smart Bookshelf is real-time detection equipment for library management. It basically adds RFID antennae to the actual shelves to create a totally unified library service chain for books real-time inventory, position and navigation, wrong and lost report generation, etc, resulting in stable performance and strong anti-jamming capability. It is extensively applied in libraries, archives, supermarket and other fields.


  • Real-time Inventory: consistently monitor the available books to automatically update bulk change of the library collections
  • Prompt Wrong Shelf: immediately generate report to notify librarians to correct when wrong position happens
  • Prompt Lost Book: automatically detect lost books and produce report to reduce the workload of librarians
  • Position & Navigation: Show the precise position of books according to the query terms like authors, book name, etc. whilst generate 3D map to find the books quickly
  • Reading Statistic Management: ranking for books, book sourcing management
  • Low maintenance cost, device fault reporting automatically


  • Model WT1000
  • Capacity ≤ 350 books, 5 shelves
  • Frequency 13.56 MHz
  • Operation System Android
  • Power Consumption ≤ 40 W
  • Dimensions 1960*1039*385 mm (single shelf)