How Internet of Things Can Be Useful in Education

Posted: Aug. 05th, 2016

Internet of things is basically an idea implying the interconnectivity of things through the internet. In the past decade, there is a rapid development in technology creating smart devices. Various sectors, be it corporate, medical or banking, have readily adopted the idea of the internet of things and are reaping its benefits. However, the field of education is no exception to this. Here are ways how education can benefit from the modern technology.

Internet of Things

1. Ability to Reach Larger Student Base

Earlier, the only way to reach and educate more students was to organize more classes at more places. It was time-consuming and it put location constraints on both teachers and students. As a result, it was difficult for the students in the remote locations to get quality education. The only way to help those students was to build more schools and colleges in those areas.

However, the technology has made it possible to reach a larger student base without anyone having the need to travel. Online courses have eliminated the time and location constraints. Now one teacher/professor can teach thousands of students at the same time.

2. Improved Quality of Education
The idea of the internet of things also has improved the quality of the education. The students have access to the vast amount of educational resources available online. They no longer need to spend hours in the library searching for some concept. They can search it online instantly. The videos and graphics included in the lesson presentations make it easier to understand.

Also, the teacher can also prepare lesson presentations in advance and use them in future multiple times. This saves a lot of time which can further be used in developing ways to improve education quality and giving more of individual attention to the students.

3. Improved Student Interest and Engagement
By incorporating technology into the education, teachers are able to create teaching ways that create interest and curiosity among the students. As a result, the student engagement improves. In the past, engaging the students was a challenge, particularly in the lessons considered to be boring.

However, now with the help of right tools and resources and media, even boring lessons are made interesting and engaging. Apart from this, interesting games and group activities are now possible with the help of connected devices, which make the learning even more fun. During self-study, the student can refer to multiple online resources and finds the one that best suits his needs.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, a large amount of time and money can be saved by incorporating the technology in education, which can be used for other constructive purposes. Therefore, it is no surprise that with time more and more educational institutions are adopting the modern technology and breaking the conventional barriers.

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