3 Excellent Tools Teachers Can Use To Create a Smart Classroom

Posted: Oct. 23rd, 2015

Today, most kids are accustomed to paying close attention to digitally presented information. This is why personal technology such as smartphones, tablets and laptops paired with an interactive device can make such a tremendous difference in the classroom. Indeed, the trend toward "smart classrooms" has proven very popular with students, teachers and school administrators.

The worldwide web has made it possible for teachers to incorporate a vast wealth of information and teaching tools quickly, affordably and seamlessly into everyday lessons. Here are some of the best all-new technological tools that teachers can adopt when creating a smart classroom.

1. Digital Whiteboards
You may have heard of digital whiteboards. This versatile and powerful tool can act as the centerpiece of your smart classroom. A modern whiteboard connected with the Internet gives teachers access to video, images, definitions, information and much more. Additionally, the programs that are built into digital whiteboards allow teachers to save and reconfigure information and to connect directly with students on their own smart devices.
digital whiteboards for creating a smart classroom
2. E-Books & Tablets
These days students use e-readers and tablets as well as smartphones on a fairly continuous and ongoing basis. These devices have become a part of everyday life, so it is only natural that they should transition to classroom use. This is smart in a number of ways. By taking advantage of the capabilities of these personal devices teachers can deliver much more information, far more successfully to students while handily sidestepping discipline problems that would arise from attempting to prevent students from using these devices in the classroom! The ability to provide textbooks and other learning materials in a lightweight, interactive digital format helps students to feel more comfortable with the materials while saving limited school funds.
E-Books & Tablets for creating a smart classroom
3. The Cloud
Being connected to the Internet provides classrooms with a vast array of advanced services that are cheap or free. Make creative use of web conferencing and VoIP services! Take your students on virtual field trips anywhere in the world. Benefit from lectures presented by experts, scholars and top scientists. Smart use of smart technology allows you to expand your students’ knowledge and broaden their horizons.
E-Books & Tablets for creating a smart classroom
Many traditional teachers may feel a bit threatened by modern technology, but there is really no need! If you are making the transition from old-fashioned textbooks, static whiteboards or even a chalkboard to vibrant, diverse modern technology, simply take it a step at a time and take advantage of all of the learning opportunities open to you.

You can find many interesting and helpful tutorials online, and most providers of classroom technology also offer a wealth of educational materials. If your school district offers training on use of technology, be sure to attend. The more comfortable you are with the powerful new tools available to you, the more successful you will be in creating your very own smart classroom.

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