A Free Trip of Xiamen Intech in Thailand

Posted: Mar. 17th, 2016

In celebration of the outstanding achievements of last year, Xiamen Intech’s marketing sales elites took a trip to Thailand at the beginning of this spring. They spent six days in Thailand to go sightseeing on its two renowned tourist cities, Bangkok and Pattaya.
Xiamen Intech staff took a trip to Thailand
Bangkok, dubbed the "Oriental Venice", has become a magnet for the tourists around the world. A lot of scenic spots attracted INTECH’s employees to visit, from splendid Grand Palace to archaic Wat Phra Kaeo and bustling floating market. Apart from these cultural attractions, the spectacular ladyboy cabaret show was really a thing that should be done in the list of visiting Thailand.
Intech staff went sightseeing on Bangkok and Pattaya
Pattaya, a vibrant coastal city, is famous for its sunshine, beach as well as seafood. The sales elites had a pleasant experience in Pattaya, as they saw the Thai folk performance, had an interesting interaction with elephants, enjoyed the delicious local delicacies, indulged in the traditional Thai massage, etc.

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