Electronic Whiteboard Operation Skill Contest in Xiamen Songbai The Second Primary School

Posted: Jun. 3rd, 2016

With the development of educational informationalization, electronic whiteboard, as a new teaching tool, has stepped into the classroom. It not only feature the basic function of traditional chalkboard, but also compromise the merits of multimedia teaching method, whose special interactivity and abundant teaching resources are beneficial to improve the environment and efficiency of the class.
Electronic Whiteboard Operation Skill Contest
It is inevitably that there might be some problems when a newborn application comes into service, there is no exception for electronic white board. The three challenges faced by teachers when using them are, unskillful operation skills, monotonous operating mode as well as lack of in-depth utilizing of electronic whiteboard, according to the feedback of Intech whiteboard’s clients. In order to solve these problems, Xiamen Songbai The Second Primary School held an operation skill contest for electronic whiteboard among the teachers.
Teachers use electronic whiteboard to conduct lessons
In this activity, teachers from different subjects were required to show their teaching skills via electronic whiteboard within fifteen minutes. Teachers employed all sorts of teaching methods including vivid fragment teaching and rigorous conducting whole lesson to showcase their innovative application and adept technique skill on whiteboards. Meanwhile, teachers also made full use of this opportunity to discuss the problems they often run into in daily teaching and exchange ideas about the creation of making courseware or use of whiteboard software.
Teachers exchange their ideas on using electronic whiteboard
The activity helps to raise the awareness that, only getting enough exercise on operating whiteboards, can it improve the efficiency of class and increase the diversity of teaching style. As one of the top suppliers in line of educational equipment industry, Intech always feel glad to offer professional follow-up guidance and assistance for all customers.

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