INTECH Smart Library Shone in the 2016 Strait Education Equipment Exhibition

Posted: Jan. 06th, 2017

“2016 Fujian Education Equipment Products & Library Books Promotion Exhibition” and “2016 Expo of Strait Education Industry & Training Organization” was held in Xiamen International Exhibition Center, lasting three days from December 17 to 19, 2016. Intech, together with its new products, smart library system, took part in this event.
Intech smart library system shone in the exhibition.
It was undeniable that our smart library system left deep impression on the attendees due to its “smart”. So how does it smart? Let us have a scan of it.

1. Effective management without librarian: it has a tardy development now as education sector pays less attention to the construction of primary & middle schools’ library for a long time. Thus, there are still a lot of barriers impeding the development of modern library right now. For example, the bar code technique applied in traditional library system is outdate as it is easy to be worn; moreover, it is required to be pasted inside the books, which hampers the sorting, search, put on the shelf, etc. Without a doubt, it is a tedious task for librarian.

With the aims of providing more convenience and stimulating the reading passion of students, Intech has released advanced smart library system recently. Intech smart library is such a kind of system allowing librarian to quickly identify, track and protect books by the RFID technology, permitting quick lend, return, search, sorting functions thanks to the label switching system, intelligent check & navigation system, books sorting system along with access control system. It is a stunning technology that can simplify the operation process, reduce the stress of librarian and improve the management efficiency as well as service level.

2. Convenient for lend & return books: gone are the days when readers need to search books with the help of librarian, lend books in queue, and lend & return books in library opening hours. Intech smart library system is designed to disencumber your mind from cares in these regards. This system coupled with intelligent check & navigation system allows for high speed of searching and transmission, offering a wealth of information. Additionally it comes with self apply for certificates system, self lend & return system and makes it possible to return books at 24-hour self-service machine when library is closed, which enables readers to no longer be confined to the opening hours and space, simplifies the process, promotes the library service level.

3. A big data bank for calculate & analyze: Intech smart library platform embraces data handling function. It usually calculates and analyzes the data in advance, then allows for once data-in & many times data-out, which aims to avoid Information Island and repeated operation. The outputs varying from books circulate statistics, reader information statistics to different statistics statements, can meet the different demands of clients at all ages.

Welcome to having an amazing experience on Intech smart library. It has been set up to assist traditional library transform into scientification, informationization, standardization, self-service modern library, and provide readers with a comfortable, convenient reading room.

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