Intech Life Newspaper

Posted: Aug. 27th, 2015

Intech Life Newspaper is owned by Intech, founded and published on a seasonal basis since September 5, 2013. It was cofounded by Mr. Chen from the HR Department and Mrs. Fan from the Market Department. Other members consist of the executive editors, proofreaders, art editors, etc. Generally speaking, the publication of the seasonal edition takes approximately 1 month’ time, including the time spent on preparation, collection, lay-out, organization, print, etc.

The paper is aimed at keeping the staff informed of the latest news of Intech, promoting internal communication and easing staff pressure. Its motto “Happiness at Work and Joy in Life" appears in the header of each page.

The four-page paper is currently organized into 5 sections: Intech News, Special Column, Staff Corner, Exclusive Interview and other columns. Intech News mainly refers to the important news of Intech. Click here for more Intech News. The Staff Corner is dedicated to publishing the articles composed by the staff who will get paid in return. The Special Column covers the current hot topics where the staff enjoy a great deal of freedom to voice their opinions while the Exclusive Interview is devoted to sharing the stories of those staff who have made great accomplishments or contributions.

The latest edition has been issued earlier this month. Compared to the first print version which had a circulation of approximately 200 copies, the new edition has a circulation of up to 500 copies. Those copies are mainly distributed to the internal staff of Intech, including the workers of Intech Industrial Zone, as well as our domestic clients.

Intech Life Newspaper has enjoyed great popularity among us staff. Currently, there isn’t any foreign language version available to our overseas clients. Nor is there any electronic version available for download. We will work towards the diversified national & international versions in the future.

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