Interactive Digital Whiteboard Training Carried Out in Xiamen Songbai The Second Primary School

Posted: Dec. 10th, 2015

Xiamen Intech carried out its regular training in Xiamen Songbai The Second Primary School upon the invitation of the school leaders earlier this week. The training which was divided into three sessions was centered around Techniques For Using The Interactive Digital Whiteboard In The Classroom, including the basic operation of the Interactive Digital Whiteboard Software, creation of engaging courseware, integration of visual teaching tools, etc.
Xiamen Intech Carried out Interactive Digital Whiteboard Training in Xiamen Songbai The Second Primary School
Teachers from different grades and subjects were in attendance for the training, who took active participation in the discussion held afterwards, exchanging ideas, listing the issues & problems that they frequently ran into, and sharing various platforms/websites with abundant teaching resources to be used in combination with the Interactive Digital Whiteboard. The training further helps to raise their awareness that the application of education technology has brought about great changes to the traditional teaching methods and teaching styles.

As one of the top Interactive Digital Whiteboard vendors in China, Xiamen Intech has always been working closely with the national education bureaus and contributing to Education Informatization. Perfect training system, impressive training manuals and videos, professional follow-up guidance and assistance, just to list a few, all enable Xiamen Intech to enjoy a robust corporate reputation among its users in the educational sector.

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