Interview With The Domestic Marketing Manager of Xiamen Intech Mrs. Fan

Posted: Nov. 19th, 2015

The 69th China Educational Equipment Industry Exhibition which was sponsored by the Education Department of Fujian Province, Fuzhou Municipal People's Government, and China Educational Equipment Industry Association ended on November 2, 2015 at Fuzhou Strait International Conference & Exhibition Center. Following the opening ceremony of the exhibition, a face-to-face interview was conducted with the Domestic Marketing Manager of Xiamen Intech Mrs. Fan by the well-known educational equipment website in China.
The Domestic Marketing Manager of Xiamen Intech Mrs. Fan was interviewed by the famous educational equipment website in China

Mrs. Fan joined Xiamen Intech in 2011. She is currently holding the position of Domestic Marketing Manager as well as Chief Editor of Xiamen Intech Life Newspaper. Dedication to work, and strict training & management in compliance with the corporate policies and procedures enable her to achieve great accomplishments and stand out at work.

Mrs. Fan was in attendance for the 3-day long national event, together with a couple of guys from the Domestic Marketing Department, Domestic Sales Department, Domestic Training Department, etc. Thanks to the concerted efforts of the participants, Xiamen Intech attracted the attention of a great many domestic and international visitors, who were impressed by the wide range of state-of-the-art smart class solutions and the most up-to-date technological products, including the best selling ten-point Capacitive Interactive Whiteboard & the newly upgraded ten-point Infrared Interactive Whiteboard, the Multi-media All-in-one Interactive Whiteboard, Smart Campus/Class Solutions, Cloud Platform, etc.
Mrs. Fan attended The 69th China Educational Equipment Industry Exhibition, together with other guys from Xiamen Intech

According to Mrs. Fan, Xiamen Intech stands out among its business competitors in the Internet Plus age, which is primarily attributed to:
a. strict management in compliance with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO9001 Quality Management System, etc.
b. innovative Hardware & Software Teams devoted to the R & D of the cutting-edge multi-touch technologies and user-friendly interface
c. establishment of 360 Degree Service System, including professional Customer Service Teams in support of multi-angle and multi-channel online & offline consultancy across the globe, 24-Hour Customer Service Hotline, frequent terminal conferences conducted with the agents and distributors, training programs carried out in conjunction with various organizations, follow-up investigations undertaken into the users and so forth

Mrs. Fan added that great importance should be attached to the quality of products & user experience, customized services, sustaining innovation, strategic cooperation within the industry as well as creation of a Win-Win-Win Situation for the customers, manufacturers and integrators for domestic enterprises to compete with their foreign counterparts that have made inroads into the Chinese market.

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