A Vocational Sales Training for INTECH Salespeople in 2018

Posted: Mar. 07th, 2018

For the long-term development, INTECH recently has executed a vocational training program that lasted one week. The program went on well and all the attendees learned a lot from it.
A Vocational Sales Training for INTECH Salespeople

Feedback from Customer
It’s invaluable to understand how customers view your products, support and company. In this training, our company’s sales representatives shared a lot of ideas collected from clients day in and day out. For examples, “We had better make a 3D effect diagram about the show room, so that customers would easily get a handle on our products”; “We should attach the operation instruction to the products for the sake of customer’s quick viewing”; “The position of camera in the smart mini library should be designed in accordance with the ergonomic principle”; etc. These valuable feedbacks gave us various insights what our customers expect from our business and helped us get a much clear picture what we are going on in the future.
Discussion among the salespeople

Sharing by Sales Representative
Working in sales is not easy game as there are all sorts of challenges you need to face independently. During the training, the domestic sales representative shared his motivational sales stories, from introducing himself to a buyer, to preparing a tender, to demonstrating the skills on the bidding scene, to negotiating price and convincing the buyer to close the deal, and even to managing the relationship with customers after sales. It helped other salespeople think differently and ignited their positive behavior.
Sharing by Sales Representative

Evaluate the Competitors
It’s crucial to the business success for understanding the company position in the industry. The trainers shared the competitive products analysis they gathered before meeting. This research focused on our direct competitors, their similar products, their competitive price, their main market sections and so on. It provided a wealth of important information for all the attendees to know the advantages and weakness of our company. Plus it’s of great help to inspire salespeople to develop their market strategies to outperform the competitors as the optimal option for consumers.

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