Global Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) Market from Years 2015-2019

Posted: Aug. 06th, 2015

Referred to as a large display which is connected to a computer to display data or images and operated by a pen, stylus or even finger, the interactive whiteboard is rapidly accepted as one of the most successful and popular technologies in the classroom environments. This technique makes teaching much easier and more interesting compared to the conventional whiteboards, allowing writing or drawing in different colors, saving and printing the contents displayed on the whiteboard, distributing documents over networks, etc. Interactive whiteboards are also gaining more and more popularity in the government as well as corporate sectors.

Technavio has made a new report of the Global Interactive Whiteboard Market from years 2015-2019, prepared according to a profound market analysis, with inputs from experts in the industry. The market segmentation on the basis of end-users consists of three sectors, namely, the education sector, the corporate sector and the government sector. Geographical segmentation is mainly composed of the APAC Region, the EMEA Region, and America. The report covers the current scenario & the growth prospects of the interactive whiteboard market on a global basis in the following years, the key vendors operating in the market, etc.

A quick glance at the main topics covered:
(1). Market size in 2019 and the growth rate
(2). Key market trends
(3). Key market drivers
(4). Challenges to the market growth
(5). Key vendors in the market
(6). Market opportunities & threats the key vendors face
(7). Strengths & weaknesses of the key vendors

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