Intevision Intelligent Terminal – An Unparalleled Assistant for the Classroom

Posted: Aug. 31st, 2017

What do you need to do at the beginning of the class? There is a list of things you may encounter every day: draw the curtains apart and turn the light on, open air conditioner or fan, switch on computer and projector, etc. It sounds extremely troublesome whether for students or teachers.

Nowadays, it is possible for you to embrace a new era of smart education once you choose Intevision smart class system. It is surprised that a host of intelligent control functions on the hardware like multimedia equipment, environment monitoring devices and power, malfunction report, data collecting & analyzing would be achieved through Intevision smart terminal that is regarded as a wonderful assistant for the classroom.
Intevision smart campus IoT solution
With this intelligent terminal, students can use the IC card to open the door, and then the system will automatically work to adjust the temperature, humidity, brightness of the classroom so as to provide a comfortable environment for students.
Intevision smart class system topological diagram
In addition, teachers can login the system with IC card to track students attendance, check classroom environment and select the class mode involving multimedia teaching mode, recording mode, quiz mode and so forth to start their class.
Intevision intelligent terminal
Compared with other competitive products, Intevision intelligent terminal has unparalleled advantages, such as high reliability, low malfunction rate, easy to install and use, low maintenance cost, because it adopts compatible Android platform, 10 points multi-touch capacitive display and it is embedded with IoT router.
Intevision intelligent terminal
Let’s step into smart education with Intevision smart class system!

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