Smart Education, Future Education

Posted: May 16th, 2017

Nowadays, smart education has become a mega-trend for modern education. More and more solution providers strive for put forward all kinds of solutions to meet the demands of education institutions. Xiamen Intech, as one of the leading smart campus IoT solution providers, displayed its newest and advanced solutions in the 72nd China Educational Equipment Exhibition, on May 5-9, 2017.
Intech in the 72nd China Educational Equipment Exhibition
In this exhibition, our company presented a delicate mini sandbox for the audience to help them have a general idea about smart campus. Moreover, we also gave the audience an opportunity to experience the difference between smart class and traditional class. Based on IoT technology, Intech smart class is designed to enable all the audio-visual equipment integrated. Consequently, it can not only improve the efficiency of management, extend the lifespan of equipment, but also relieve the stress of teachers so that they can do more valuable work for students. After watching the smart class presentation, visitors extremely appreciated this solution because these devices like smart board, embedded video booth, speakers, etc., which will encourage a high quality interaction between teachers and students.
Smart class
Another key application of IoT solution is intelligent mini library that is a portable device for outdoors and indoors, aiming to make full use of space. It is worth to mention that users no longer spend much time on completing the process of borrow, return, search, reserve books, etc. since the RFID tags are attached into the books. In this way, the application of intelligent mini library will promote the circulation of library items and reduce the cost of library management.
Intelligent mini library
It is manifest that more and more advanced technologies like IoT, cloud computing, big data, etc, have taken root in the education field to promote the intelligentialize, networking and informatization.

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