All In One Interactive Whiteboard System

All In One Interactive Whiteboard System

INTECH AIO IWB system is having the inbuilt computer, interactive whiteboard, central control, speakers, wireless MIC, document camera and embedded interactive software. With the compatibility to be integrated with a wide range of hardware and interactive software, it reduces the total cost of purchasing an additional PC but delivers a more intelligent, intuitive, interactive experience in the classroom at all levels of education, in corporate meeting rooms, etc.
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  • Ensure seamless integration between central control, PC, document camera, high-power speakers, wireless MIC and IWB, and alleviate the need to assemble external cables
  • Support 4K HD video & IP radio with stunning quality image and clear voice to all the audience from every position in the room
  • IC card identification with fast authorization matching for security management on locking/unlocking central control panel and touch function
  • 10 touch points HID IWB, allowing multiple users to write and draw on the whiteboard simultaneously
  • One-button to power on/off, easier & faster operation to improve the efficiency of class
  • Aluminum frame, durable & beautiful, Polyvision e3 ceramic surface optional
  • Power Supply AC 220V/50Hz/2A
  • IWB

  • Touch Technology Infrared technology
  • Touch Points 10 points
  • Calibration 4 / 9 points or above
  • Calibration Precision ≤0.1 mm
  • Cursor Speed 180 dot/s
  • Transmission Speed 12 m/s
  • Resolution 32768*32768
  • Operation System Windows / Mac / Linux
  • Computer

  • CPU Intel Core I3 / I5
  • RAM 4 GB
  • HD 128+500 G/1T
  • Other Integrated graphics, sound card, network card
  • Amplifier Speaker

  • Power ≥2*15W
  • Wireless Microphone

  • SD Card 4 GB
  • Power Supply Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Using Time ≥8 hours
  • Other Auto frequency modulation; enable to expand voice module
  • Document Camera

  • Pixel COMS camera, ≥5 million pixels
  • Lens Auto focus
  • Functions Support snapshot, annotation, record, take a picture, insert IWB page, etc.; Allow to set the brightness, saturation and contrast ratio of images; Enable to open images via other tools or remove them
  • Central Control

  • Inductive Area Tap IC card to login
  • Touch Buttons Lock, power off, restart, signal, power, energy, volume+/-, mute, sleep mode
  • Front Interfaces HDMI IN, USB2.0, USB3.0
  • Rear Interfaces USB2.0*2, Audio OUT 3.5mm*1, MIC IN*1, RS-232*1, HDMI IN*1, HDMI OUT*1, power adaptor port
  • Security Management

  • Document camera safety door, IC card for login

  • Model

    Overall Size (inch)

    Overall Size (mm)

    Touch Size (inch)

    Touch Size (mm)

    Aspect Ratio

  • AIO SR-8083 91.4 1930*1292*85 79.6 1645*1174 4:3
  • AIO SR-9093 102.5 2259*1292*85 90.4 1974*1174 16:10