All-in-One Interactive Whiteboard

All-in-One Interactive Whiteboard

  • Superior to the general IWBs, Intech all-in-one interactive whiteboard has everything a teacher needs in the classroom, which combines with computer, whiteboard, central control, speakers as well as wireless mic in one smart device.
  • The user-friendly and streamline technology maximizes teaching time, boosts learning outcomes, and makes relatively cost savings.
  • Features Specifications Dimensions Video
    • No interruption, no downtime: versatile teaching tool integrated with iwb, central control, PC, front-facing speakers and wireless mic for seamless use
    • Visual immersion with 4K HD video, true interoperability and expandable range with IP radio system
    • IC card identification with fast authorization matching for security management on locking/unlocking central control panel and touch function
    • Multi touch smoothly and simultaneously: 10 touch points HID IWB supports several users to operate at the same time
    • One-key to start or shutdown, boost the productivity of the class
    • Aluminum frame, durable and beautiful, Polyvision e3 ceramic surface as options
    • Touch TechnologyInfrared technology
    • Calibration4 points / 9 points or more
    • Position Precision≤0.1mm
    • Transmission12m/s
    • Cursor Speed180 dot/s
    • Response Speed≤6ms
    • Anti-light Intensityuse normally in direct sunlight
    • Resolution32768*32768
    • Touch Pointmulti-touch points
    • OPSCPU: I3/I5 (optional) RAM: 4G HD: 128G SSD+500G/1T (optional)
    • Amplifier Speaker2*10W
    • Wireless MICRF 2.4G, laser pointer, air mouse, PPT page turning
    • Central Controlswipe card to start, one button for shutdown, one button for lock, signal switch, volume+/-
    • Front InterfaceUSB*3, HDMI-IN, USB touch
    • Back InterfaceUSB*2, audio OUT 3.5mm*1, audio IN*1, central control, RS-232*1, HDMI-IN*1, HDMI-OUT*1
    • Model

      Overall Size (inch)

      Overall Size (mm)

      Touch Size (inch)

      Touch Size (mm)

      Aspect Ratio

    • AIO SR-8085 86 1742*1321 80 1646*11744:3
    • AIO SR-9096 96 2070*1321 90 1974*117416:10
    • AIO SR-95101 101 2141*1423 95 2045*1276 16:10
    • AIO SR-96102 1022254*1321 96 2158*117416:9