Capacitive Interactive Whiteboard - 10 Users (CP)

Capacitive Interactive Whiteboard - 10 Users (CP)

  • Capacitive technology which is similar to the latest IPhone/IPad technology for touch screen is now the most advanced technology in Interactive Whiteboard Industry. It is different from and superior to other traditional Interactive Whiteboard (Electromagnetic/Infrared/Optical) technologies and will become the future trend.
  • Data processing load is 100 times of infrared technology, which results in excellent multi-writing performance, supporting up to 10 different users writing simultaneously. The multi-touch technology results in more dynamic interactions around the contents.
  • The capacitive film inside the board identifies and locates static electrical capacity of the human body when a person touches the board. As it recognizes only finger touch or capacitive pen touch, any inaccurate touch or writing triggered by the objects on or close to the board can be eliminated.
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  • Plug-and-play for windows system
  • Support 10 points touch simultaneously, with no ghost points in multi-touch operation
  • Support up to 10 users writing simultaneously

  • Finger touch or capacitive pen touch
  • No touch height
  • Any objects on the board have no effect on the writing operation, which has largely reduced mistake-operation.
  • Immune to light or dust interference, suitable for various environments
  • Built-in stereo speakers to enrich excellent dual Audio-visual experience and save the trouble of installing extra speakers and cables
  • 8G storage space inside
  • Independent power supply
  • Two USB ports available for easy connection and use

structure of INTECH capacitive interactive whiteboard
  • Sensor TypeCapacitive Technology
  • Touch Points10 points
  • Calibration4 points
  • Resolution32768*32768
  • Sampling Rate100 PT/S
  • Positioning Accuracy≤1mm
  • Tracking Speed10m/s
  • Working Temperature-20℃ to +65℃
  • Working Humidity10% to 90%
  • Speaker2*10W (optional)
  • USB Port2*USB 2.0 hub ports (optional)
  • Operation SystemsLinux/Mac/Windows 7 to 10
  • Model

    Overall Size (inch)

    Overall Size (mm)

    Touch Size (inch)

    Touch Size (mm)

    Aspect Ratio

  • CP-8088 (with speaker)881800*1338801680*11904:3
  • CP-8088 (without speaker)871800*1310801680*11904:3
  • CP-9299 (with speaker)992120*1338922004*119216:10
  • CP-9299 (without speaker)982120*1310922004*119216:10