Electromagnetic Interactive Whiteboard - 2 Users (M)

Electromagnetic Interactive Whiteboard - 2 Users (M)

  • To enrich operations, INTECH interactive whiteboard inherits all the advantages of Intech M series electromagnetic technology, while innovates the way of interactivity by allowing two users to write on the board simultaneously.
  • The dual user operating is realized by using two pens transmitting different frequencies, detected by internal coil sensors to calculate the coordinates of the pens’ different interacting.
  • Electromagnetic whiteboard is the most cost-effective Interactive Whiteboard on the market. The technology is very mature and has been widely used globally! It's a great choice for limited budget!
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  • Plug and play for windows system
  • True interactivity without driver
  • Wireless module optional
  • Allowing two users to interact on the board simultaneously
  • Application of auto winding machine in production which improves product quality
  • Application of mechanical cooper wire winding which enhances production efficiency and quality
  • Galvanized panel at back to prevent electromagnetism interference
  • Four-point calibration and auto keystone projection correction
  • Swift responding speed <8ms
  • Right mouse button function supported by pen
  • USB connection-- no need for external power supply
  • Good accuracy, fast reaction, and low power consumption

structure of INTECH electromagnetic interactive whiteboard

  • Sensor TypeElectromagnetic Technology
  • Calibration4 points
  • ResolutionEffective writing resolution ≥32768*32768
  • Accuracy<0.05mm
  • Response SpeedSignal tracking speed: 5m/s, processing speed: ≥500dot/s, transmission speed: 57600bps
  • Pen Touch & Writing PressurePressure for dot touch and side touch should be more than 10g
  • Anti-interferenceNot influenced by electromagnetism and rays
  • Power Consumption1*AA battery
  • Electronic Pen<0.05mm
  • Working Temperature-20℃ to +60℃
  • Working Humidity10% to 90%
  • Data TransmissionUSB cable or wireless module
  • Power SupplyUSB power less than 5V/100mA
  • Operation SystemsLinux/Mac/Windows 7 to 10
  • Model

    Overall Size (inch)

    Overall Size (mm)

    Touch Size (inch)

    Touch Size (mm)

    Aspect Ratio

  • M-76851754*1254*40801670*11704:3
  • M-78W861874*1144*40821790*106016:10