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    The security access system is a high-performance ant-thef device designed for smart libraries. It adopts RFID technology and excellent 3D read rate to support the detecton of RFID tags in any directon. It also has various alarm detecton modes and is possible to have no more than 10 entrances for patron’s coming.
Features Specifications Dimensions Video
  • Patron counter
  • Display the item’s name that caused the alarm
  • Excellent tolerance for interference
  • Adjustable RF output power
  • Double audible signal to realize the distinguishing alarm function
  • Model ST04-04A
  • Operating Frequency 13.56MHz
  • Compatible Protocol ISO18000-3/ISO15693
  • Read Speed ≥20 pcs/sec.
  • Detection Width ≥92 cm (one passage)
  • Read Range ≥450 mm
  • Passage Width ≤914 mm
  • Installation one passage
  • Report judge the direction of incoming or outgoing, patron count