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NewVission Interactive Boards

NewVission Interactive Board: E78/E88

  • Perform mouse functions with the touch of pen or finger, and erase using the eraser tool.
  • Compatible with USB and wireless connection.
  • Easily annotate over your PowerPoint slides, WebPages or other computer applications. 
  • Create attractive pictures with extensive image gallery which captivates your students. Also resize the images with the touch of the finger.
  • Comes with comprehensive and easy to use software which brings ideas to life! 
  • Made of hard laminate, hence, virtually eliminates down time and inconvenience. 

Key features:
  • Available in two sizes - 78”, 88”
  • Glare free Surface
  • Infrared Technology
  • Annotate with pen or finger
  • Onscreen Virtual keyboard
  • Supports Video Files, recording and replay
  • User Friendly and easy to use
  • Easy installation and Training provided
  • Handwriting recognition
Optional accessories include Floor Stand, marker set, stylus, RF Adaptor etc.
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