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  •   Infrared Interactive Whiteboard - Optimized Structure (SR)

    • Patented synchronizing multi-scanning technologies
    • Serial bus connection technology, easy to assemble and maintain
    • Improved algorithm and optimized structure with better performance
    • Patented self adaptive hardware and firmware technology, with excellent anti-light performance and excellent resistance to deformation of the board
    • Interactive software with powerful function, easy to use and learn, free for upgrades
    Infrared Interactive Whiteboard - Optimized Structure (SR)
  •   Infrared Interactive Whiteboard - 10 Users (SR)

    • Plug-and-play for windows system
    • Modular structure design, easy to assemble and maintain
    • Wireless module optional
    • Patented synchronizing multi-scanning technologies, true multi-point writing
    • 10 Points touch (different users at the same time) 
    • Improved algorithm and optimized structure with better performance
    Infrared Interactive Whiteboard - 10 Users (SR)

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