4 Awesome Interactive Whiteboard Games For Classroom

Posted: Feb. 24th, 2017

Multiple scientific studies have shown that the learning in young children is governed most by the level of curiosity and interest about the topic. On the contrary, if they are bored and feel the lesson to be uninteresting, then the learning becomes a challenge. A lot of effort is directed towards making the classroom education more interesting. The interactive whiteboard is a device that can make the classroom a lively place and education an enjoyable process. Here are four games that can make the learning a lot more fun.

1. Guess The Word
This game is particularly useful for the young students learning the language. The teacher can show a picture and the students have to tell the word that describes the picture. The class can be divided into teams. The team that gives most correct answers wins. Not only this, there can be extra bonus points for spelling the word correctly.

2. Mathematical Games
The interactive whiteboard can be used to host mathematical games with a varying level of difficulty. Each team can be given tablets in order to interact and mark their answer on the main whiteboard. The teacher can show a mathematical expression. The team which calculates and marks the answer in the least time will win. The team giving the wrong answer loses a point.
Mathematical Games

3. Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles can also be set up in different levels of difficulty. The teacher can use the crossword template from the game software library on the interactive whiteboard. The puzzle can be related to science definitions and terms. Or they can also be the one-word answer to certain questions. The teams can be given such puzzles and they have to complete it in the allotted time. This game can be a great way to test the level of understanding of the students about the lesson.

4. Vocabulary Games
Games related to building vocabulary are also famous. The teacher plays the sound of the pronunciation of a word through the speakers connected to the interactive whiteboard. The students have to listen to it and then not only spell the word but also tell the meaning. Both tasks carry separate points. Hints can be given in the form of the first or last letter of the word.
Vocabulary Games
The above-mentioned games are a great way to spark interest and curiosity among the students. However, the teacher is not limited to use these games only. He can also select from hundreds of other games available on the web. Or else he can create his own games using the software available with the interactive whiteboard. This device makes it easier for both the teacher and students.

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