4 Benefits of Interactive Display in Hospitals and Medical Centers

Posted: Jun. 2nd, 2016

The quality of service and care provided in the medical field depends directly on the efficiency, communication, organization, and time management. Apart from the qualified and well trained human resource, technology also plays a crucial role in managing these factors. The interactive display is one such technology that is making a difference in the healthcare services. Here are the four major benefits of using this device in hospitals, medical centers, and clinics.

1. Better Communication
Proper communication between the patient and hospital staff is a must and should be accurate and easy. Interactive display improves the overall communication in different ways. Hospital staffs can get the information about the patients and their location and requirements. Interactive display installed at various places in the hospital makes it easy for everyone. All the information can be accessed from any location inside the building.

Not only this, the patients can get information about the treatment, and diet and medical recommendations. Also, they can contact the hospital staff and doctors anytime using this device. The family members and relatives of the patient can also record any questions and suggestions and post them on the interactive display. As it will be visible to the staff anywhere in the hospital, they can respond quickly without delay.

2. Improved Efficiency
Efficiency and productivity decide the quality and the amount of service being provided at the medical center. The staff can easily access information about the assigned duties and instructions from anywhere. Apart from this, they can quickly communicate with each other in case of increased workload.

The interactive display makes it easier to record and update all the information about the patients. The interactive display manufacturers provide user-friendly software and other accessories like the electronic pen along with the device, making it easy for even a less tech savvy individual to learn to use it.

This makes the task of the staff quick and hassle free. As a result, the overall efficiency and productivity are improved and a lot of time is saved that is otherwise spent on managing and recording the information through the old ways.

3. Helpful in Managing Critical Situations
The interactive display is even more helpful in critical situations where every second is precious. When there is an increased flow of patients in the emergency rooms, the staff needs to know the whereabouts of the doctors and contact them. All the information is visible everywhere on the interactive displays and contacting anyone can be done within seconds. Apart from this, the doctors in the operation theaters and surgery rooms can easily communicate their needs to the staff outside. This reduces the time delay caused by the lack of communication.

During critical surgeries, the doctors can also consult the other experts from the medical field present in different locations, or even countries, through video conferencing in real time. This kind of communication could never be imagined in the past using a telephone.

Interactive display allows doctors in the surgery rooms to conduct video conferencing with other staff in any locations

4. Improved Patient Satisfaction
With the help of the interactive display, the patient can get any kind information regarding treatment, diet and medicines and schedules just with a touch. However, this device can also be used using the electronic pen. Therefore, the patient can even use this device from his bed. Video conferencing allows the patient to talk to the relatives and family members who are far away. All these factors together result in the improved quality of the service and the overall patient satisfaction.

Due to the benefits of these devices, more and more medical institutions are adopting them nowadays. It is also very helpful in reducing costs by improving the efficiency and productivity of the staff while improving the quality of the service at the same time.

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