How to Use Digital Whiteboard in Education

Posted: Apr. 27th, 2016

The quality of education depends on the level of coordination and cooperation between the students and the teacher. Earlier, the teacher had to make an extra effort to improve the class participation of the students. However, today, the modern technology has gifted us with devices like the digital whiteboard that has made the teacher-student coordination easier and more efficient. Here are the ways for both teachers and students to make the best use of this device.

How Teachers Can Use Digital Whiteboard

1. Making Annotations
With the help of digital whiteboard, it is now easier to make annotations wherever required. During the presentation or the lesson, the teacher can highlight specific words or phrases with different colors, shapes, fonts and sizes. This makes the understanding of the annotated parts easier. Not only this, these parts can also be saved for future reference.

2. Better Description of Lessons
Some concepts and lessons are difficult than others. Therefore, the teacher has to put extra efforts to ensure that every student understands what is being taught in the class. However, the digital whiteboard provides various interesting ways to explain the same lessons and in turn makes them easier to understand. The teacher can include images, videos, graphics, audio clips and pie charts in the lesson presentation. As a result, the difficult lesson becomes interesting and students grasp it better.
Teacher use images in his lesson presentation
3. Saving the Work for Future
Digital whiteboard also helps in reducing the teacher's efforts and therefore improving his productivity. It helps him to prepare the lessons in advance. Once the lesson is prepared, it can be used again whenever required in future. Also, it is very easy to update the contents of the lessons. Not only this, the students' work can also be saved so they don't require to submit the same assignments again and again.

How Students Can Use Digital Whiteboard

1. Easier Class Participation
Students' class participation is a very important factor in their education and development. The digital whiteboard improves their class participation by giving them various ways to express their views. They can interact with the contents on the screen just like the teacher using their tablets. They can ask questions and the whole class can together find the answers for them. Not only this, there are various interesting and fun group activities that improve their teamwork skills and also the understanding of the lessons.

2. Easy Understanding of Lessons and Note Taking
Digital whiteboard makes it possible for the students to mark and save the important information. Therefore, note taking becomes easier. As a result, the students can now put more focus on understanding the lesson. This saves a lot of time which can be devoted to the other activities like sports that result in the overall growth of the student.

3. Skill Development
With the help of digital whiteboard, the students can make presentations in their own ways that interest them. As a result, they also enjoy presenting their work to the class. Various group activities and games demand the whole class participating together. During all this, students' creativity, presentation, and teamwork skills improve and contribute greatly towards their personality development. 

The uses and benefits described above are not limited. Teachers and students can together find more ways to make the best use of this device. Therefore, the increasing popularity of the digital whiteboard in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions is of no surprise.

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