7 Advantages Of E-Schoolbags In The Classrooms

Posted: Dec. 31st, 2015

The technological advancements are influencing every aspect of our lives. Education is no exception. The traditional heavy schoolbags are now replaced gradually by E-Schoolbags, the tablet computers containing a vast amount of educational resources. The reason for their popularity is simple, that is, they have certain advantages.

The traditional heavy schoolbags are now replaced gradually by E-Schoolbags

1. They Are Lightweight
Children no longer need to struggle under the weight of heavy schoolbags filled with books. E-Schoolbags contain everything in a digital format. And the good thing is, they are lightweight. The weight of a tablet is less than the average textbook. This saves the students from the potential danger of back pain and injuries.

2. Access To Large Library Of Resources
Tablets are connected to the internet and provide an easy access to a vast library of educational resources. Students can find tutorials, videos, lessons and eBooks on anything they want to learn, at their own convenience. They are no longer confined to the boundaries of the classroom for learning. Also, they don't need to wander through the old fashioned libraries of print books to search for any topic. This saves a lot of time.

3. Students Find Them Interesting
Children are curious by nature. They find the traditional textbooks boring. However, the E-Schoolbags with multiple features and new technology spark interest in them, which in turn makes the learning enjoyable and fun. Therefore, they are more eager to participate in the class and understand the lessons better.

4. Advanced Technological Features
E-Schoolbags provide technological features that are very helpful for the students. They can take notes and save them. They can find the desired information quickly just by typing it into the search bar. There are inbuilt dictionaries and editing tools. All these features enable the students to accomplish a lot more in less time, as compared to the traditional methods of education.

5. Easy Learning
In every class, there are always a few students who find the learning very hard. They may be the weak, uninterested or hard-to-teach types. However, the tablets allow the use of different channels for learning and make it easier for them. For example, one student may understand the concept better from a video while the other may prefer the presentations.

6. Better Teacher-Student Communication
Good communication between the teacher and the students is a must for effective education. With the use of E-Schoolbags, it is now possible to engage every student in the class, instead of just the ones sitting on the front desks. They can easily share their ideas with the teacher and other students. It is especially helpful for the shy and introvert students who otherwise won't speak up. Also, the teacher can observe on his tablet what every student is doing without asking them, and provide necessary assistance.

7. Assistance In Better Teaching
E-Schoolbags are a great resource for the teachers also. They can plan their lectures in advance and send assignments, notes and homework to the students easily to their tablets. Also, they can make the classroom teaching more interesting and fun by using videos, images and presentations relevant to the lesson at hand. On the other hand, in traditional teaching methods, the teacher is limited only to use the chalk and the blackboard.

It is clear that the new technologies have completely transformed the classroom learning and teaching. E-Schoolbags now facilitate to achieve the education goals that were not possible earlier.

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