Global Interactive Display Market in Q4 2015

Posted: Jul. 1st, 2016

Global Interactive Display Market in Q4 2015 has released by Futuresource Consulting, which pays much attention to profile the quarterly performance of interactive display in the education and corporate sectors.

According to the report, interactive whiteboard and interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs) are collectively referred to interactive display, which contribute to 1.5 million volumes in the market sales. Interactive flat panels develop apace, accounting for 59% of all sales in Q4 2015. On the basis of the previous statistics, the experts predict that the growth of this device will increase 82% by 2020. Compared to IFPDs, the report shows that interactive whiteboard has decreased.

The report provides comprehensive analysis about interactive flat panels based on the geographical segmentation. In EMEA area, the shipment of interactive flat panels continues to grow with an increase of 5% in the fourth quarter, reaching $607 million value, whilst in America, the shipment is in decline by 8% but still make a contribution to the interactive display market sales with $430 million in value.

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