Global Interactive Display Q1 Report in 2016

Posted: Jul. 08th, 2016

This report covers the present scenario of global interactive display market in Q1 2016. Frankly speaking, the revenue of this market basically generate from the following two fields including corporate and education sector. Thanks to the better visual and interactive manner, it is gaining a lot of attraction from these two fields.

Given the present trend, some experts indicate that the global interactive display market will come up to $14,964.5 million by 2020. Both interactive whiteboards and interactive flat panels are responsible for the sales performance, in which the latter is expected to grow at a highest CAGR of 84.31% during the period 2016-2020, because this sort of device increased by 13% Quarter-on-Quarter with been shipped 811k sets in Q1 2016.

Based on the geography, the performance of interactive display market is usually divided into various areas, containing EMEA, America, and APAC and so on. Compared with other regions, APAC continues to its ascent.

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