Why You Need a Dual Purpose Smart Board with PolyVision Ceramic e3 Surface?

Posted: Jun. 14th, 2019

With many educators embracing smart board in the classroom, the smart board is crucial to deliver lessons and cultivate modern skill whether for teachers or students.

However, teachers or students often cannot use interactive whiteboard correctly. They used to write on the interactive board with water-soluble marker, crayon or even the permanent marker. As a result, the whiteboard usually leaves the disgusting stains that cannot be removed thoroughly by the cleaner. Sometimes students get a small scratch on the board.

There are many misoperation cases when teacher using non ceramic smart board, because they love to use marker to write on interactive whiteboard. Here is a discussion Link on REDDIT.

As we know SMART is a preminum whiteboard brand, but since the surface is non-ceramic, SMART BOARD does not support dry erase. Below photo is the result when teacher using marker to write on SMART BOARD.
Teachers used the smart board as a white board.
The problems mentioned above don’t exist when opting for the PolyVision ceramic e3 surface on your smart board. PolyVision ceramic e3 with a porcelain and steel surface stand an unbeatable status in the industry.

The PolyVision ceramic e3 surface has the strong and enduring capability of fire-resistant, anti-scratch and corrodes. It means that you needn’t take it carefully every moment; furthermore, you can have it a long time to cut cost for replacing a new one. As a writing surface with superexcellent erasability, you can write on it with any kinds of pens at random, and then wipe the handwriting with a dry cloth or corresponding cleaner easily. Incorporating with interactive technology, it also can be used as a smart board to encourage the students’ participation and improve the efficiency of the class. The flat, smooth surface can effectively reduce the distortion of the reflected image, maintain the integrity of the projected image and totally satisfy the visual expectation. In addition, thanks to the low glare porcelain steel surface, there is no need to darken the room when using the board to projection. It ensures better visibility for teaching and learning and protects the eyes.
interactive whiteboard with PolyVision ceramic e3 surface
PolyVision ceramic e3 surface incorporated with the smart board is ideal for any environments to meet all types of demands today.

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