Specialized IWB Training Program Carried out in Puning (Guangdong Province)

Posted: Jul. 28th, 2015

With the popularization of education informatization, interactive whiteboards which are an important part of modern education equipment have enjoyed more and more popularity in the education sector. Different from the traditional blackboards, interactive whiteboards are characterized by humanization, diversification and interactivity, allowing flexible operation by either hands or stylus, saving any edits made during the class for future reference, printing the lecture after class to be disseminated to those students who can not attend the class etc. Click here to learn more about the products.

Puning Municipal Education Bureau has purchased more than 1,600 sets of Electromagnetic Interactive Whiteboards from Intech recently, which have been distributed to over 30 local schools. The installation has been completed by far.

As a professional supplier in the interactive whiteboard industry, Intech worked closely with the local education bureau and organized a comprehensive training program for the teachers to enhance their teaching performance as per the request of the bureau. The training which was carried out on a district basis and lasted from May to July was mainly centered on the technical principles & daily maintenance of Interactive Whiteboards, operation of Interactive Whiteboard Software, tips for handling emergencies etc., attracting the participation of a great many local teachers.

Specialized IWB Training Program

A variety of documents and videos in relation to the training program are available for download. Any teachers who participated in the training can get access to the resources. Also, please feel free to contact our excellent after-sales service team who remain at your disposal for any questions.

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