Global Interactive Displays Market Report in Q3 2015

Posted: Jun. 24th, 2016

Futuresource Consulting has released a report on the interactive displays market in the education and corporate sectors Q3 2015, which provides information on the products of interactive whiteboards along with interactive flat panel displays.

Interactive displays have experienced significant development since they made their debut in 1990s, and they are being adopting widely and gaining popularity across the globe. We can see more and more nations either developed countries or developing countries prefer to invest in these devices, such as UK, USA, Netherlands, India, Korea and so forth. Simultaneously, it also resulted in appealing ever-growing number of interactive display vendors and enterprises to inroad into this market.

In which, the interactive flat panel displays applied to the education institutions is deemed as a massive market potential. This device posted a 23% quarter-on-quarter jump in worldwide shipments in the third quarter of 2015, came to a grand total of $2,469 million. Also the market is segmented by EMEA and America areas, which increased by 9% and 14% respectively in Q3 2015, valued $669 million and $442 million.

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