Interactive Whiteboard Training Carried Out in Bijie Area

Posted: Aug. 05th, 2016

The days smart education technology changes the face of classroom are coming. As a result, education sector has attached the utmost importance to this issue. Simultaneously, interactive whiteboard, as the major part of smart education equipment, is increasingly widespread. Recently, our company assisted more than thirty schools in Bijie Area to install about a thousand set of Ultra Narrow Infrared Interactive Whiteboards that occupy the best-seller list for our company owing to their instant interaction, friendly humanization as well as amazing diversification. As a professional smartboard provider, we insist on addressing the need of clients and devote to providing better service for customers. Therefore, our trainers stood by to cultivate the whiteboard's skills of teachers so that they can improve the efficiency of teaching.
Interactive whiteboard training in Bijie area
During the training, our trainers demonstrated the basic instructions encompassing the technology of whiteboard, operation methods, maintenance and several solutions for emergency. Moreover, our staffs took some examples to present the features and operation skills of the whiteboard software in helping educators master the skills when using interactive whiteboard to teach. Teachers took great interest in the interactive whiteboard and were encouraged to experience how to use whiteboard, in consequence, they agreed that interactive whiteboards play a vital role on making the class engaging, dynamic and creative for all students.
Teachers are interested in interactive whiteboard
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