Intech Smart Campus IoT Solution in the 71st China Education Equipment Exhibition

Posted: Nov. 30th, 2016

Congratulation for the successful kick-off of the 71st China Education Equipment Exhibition on November 19th and lasted for 3 days until November 21st, in Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center. Our company took part in this exhibition with Intech smart campus IoT solution involving smart class system and smart library system, and varieties of interactive whiteboards, which captured the attention of a myriad of attendees.

The 71st China Education Equipment Exhibition

Smart Campus IoT Solution & Smart Classroom
Intech smart campus IoT is such a solution that incorporates Internet of Things technology into school management and addresses effectiveness, security, energy saving and environment friendly. It works normally with wired or wireless; permits the connection among all multimedia devices in the classrooms; controls these devices locally or remotely to have an intelligent recognition, supervision and management on them; handles the complaints about the disconnection of information and the rapidly-growing devices. At the same time, the exist of smart campus integrated management platform ensures there is no data bottleneck because it is capable of automatically collecting, analyzing the real-time data that stems from a great deal of devices and the surroundings. With the help of this platform, it is easy for administrators to upgrade and purchase device.

Smart Classroom

Smart Library
In addition, Intech smart campus IoT solution also comes up with a new management mode for the library by IoT technology and cloud computing. By means of an array of smart devices and high-end smart management system, smart library system is designed to realize the smart management and automatic service. It is no doubt that the construction of smart library will be a hot trend in terms of library management.
Smart Library System
Recognition from Attendees
Our company focuses on the innovation and practicality of products since the establishment; as a result, we receive high value from all works of life. Mr. Wang FU, the chairman of CEEIA visited our booth for experiencing our hot sale product -- Intech capacitive interactive whiteboard that has obtained the National Invention Patent and Innovation Honorees of CEEIA. He gave credit for the innovation of product.

Attendees visit our booth.

Simultaneously, Mr. Zeng Nengjian, deputy commissioner of the Education Department of Fujian Province, Mr. Lin Tianjia, the chairman of the Education Government of Xiamen, Mr. Zhang Wendong, the director of the Education Equipment of Fujian Province, together with other people dropped by our booth for a glance. They acquired a general knowledge of this smart campus IoT solution and acknowledged it.

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