Interactive Whiteboard Training Session in Xiamen No.6 High School

Posted: Dec. 09th, 2016

In recent, Intech held an interactive whiteboard training session in Xiamen No.6 High School aiming at helping its teachers master the skills of using whiteboard and enrich teaching methods.

The interactive whiteboard adopted by Xiamen No.6 High School is Intech SR series ultra narrow infrared IWB that is the most popular products among a wide range of interactive whiteboards. Such kind of interactive whiteboard has gradually being in replace of traditional blackboard, as it is very convenient to operate by using fingers directly, furthermore, it embraces varieties of wonderful functions involving the real-time annotations in the text and pictures.

Interactive Whiteboard Training Session in Xiamen No.6 High School

The interactive whiteboards come with interactive software that is full of powerful functions to make the class more interesting, dynamic and engaging. Thereby, it is not surprising that teachers can spare no efforts to meet their expectations perfectly such as drawing the attention of students, boosting their interest to engage in the class, activating the learning environment and improving the teaching efficacy.

The key point of this training session is to enable teachers make courseware with the help of interactive whiteboards. In the course of training, teachers had a debate on how to postil on the PPT courseware, webpage and other issues. Besides, case study on the previously excellent teaching experience is bound to be instructive for those teachers who hone their professional skills on teaching and utilize whiteboards.

Our trainer was illustrate how to use interactive whiteboard software.

If you care about our company, you will find that such training session has been held so many times over the past years. Although different schools have different needs from these training, our trainers are flexible enough to come up with different solutions to adapt to the schools’ requirements. We are willing to provide the best service for all global clients, in particularly for education sector, since we wish to contribute ourselves strength to improve application level of education informationization.

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