The 4th Face-To –Face Siming District COP Program

Posted: Nov. 3rd, 2015

Definition of The Teacher's Online Communities of Practice (TOCOP or COP)
A. The Teacher's Online Communities of Practice which is made up of primary and middle school teachers, college experts as well as learning assistants is a blended learning environment, involving formal learning in combination with informal learning.
B. The Teacher's Online Communities of Practice is a learning organization based on the mass data collected from the classroom teaching behaviors, which helps to develop the teachers’ practical knowledge and professional competence.
C. The Teacher's Online Communities of Practice is a new professional development mode for the teachers, with the integration of learning, research, training, resource construction, etc.

Since its launch in 2009 in China, the COP program has covered 11 provinces, involving over 200 schools, from which more than 3000 primary and middle school teachers and students have benefited a lot.

The 4th Face-To –Face Siming District COP Program
Initially launched by Siming District and Capital Normal University at the beginning of this year, the 4th face-to –face Siming District COP Program has been carried out recently. The training manager from Intech’s Elite Training Team was in attendance for the program and offered training as requested which was centered around how to create courseware with the help of an electronic whiteboard to create an engaging class and improve interactivity between the teacher and students.
The 4th face-to –face siming district COP program has been carried out recently.
Carefully designed training materials based on the data collected from the investigation carried out prior to the COP program into the application of the electronic whiteboard by the teachers from different grades and subjects at a wide variety of schools, plus a couple of typical teaching cases, drew the attention of the teachers in attendance throughout the training, who took active participation in the discussion following the training, sharing answers to the frequently asked questions. The training not only helped to familiarize the attendees with the operation of the electronic whiteboard, but also raised their awareness of the changes brought about by the electronic whiteboard to the traditional teaching methods and styles.
The training manager from Intech offered training in terms of courseware creation with the help of an electronic whiteboard
As one of the top electronic whiteboard manufacturers in China, Intech has always been attaching great importance to the Application & Development of Education Informatization. Creative and perfect training system, distribution and sharing of the training materials available either in hard copy or soft copy, professional follow-up investigation & services, just to name a few, all enable Intech brand to enjoy great popularity among the users in the educational sector.

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