Xiamen Intech Annual Trip

Posted: Oct. 31st, 2015

Following the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Xiamen Intech took an annual trip to the scenic resorts in Putian on October 24, which is a prefecture-level costal city in Fujian province. The one-day trip covered two well-known tourist attractions, that is, the spectacular Nine Cark Lake located in Xianyou county and the magnificent Guanghua Temple.
Xiamen Intech took an annual trip to the scenic resorts in Putian

A quick glance at the Schedules:
08:30am: Leaving for Putian
11:30am: Arriving at the Nine Carp Lake scenic spot & enjoying lunch
1:00pm: Visiting the Nine Carp Lake scenic spot, including Jiuji Waterfall, the Natural Lake, etc.
3:00pm: Heading for Guanghua Temple, and visiting Nanshansongbai (in Chinese) —one of the 24 scenic spots in Putian, Sakya Buddhist Pagoda—one of the Key Cultural Relics Units under the State Protection, etc.
4:00pm: End of the trip

Nine Carp Lake
Designated as a national AAAA-class tourist spot, the Nine Carp Lake occupies a large area and is well –known for the Natural Lake, Waterfall, Cave as well as the Rock, the 10 kilometer -long Jiuji Waterfall in particular, which was recognized as one of the Three Wonders in Fujian province by the famous Chinese Travel Writer & Geographer Xu Xiake in the Ming Dynasty.

Guanghua Temple
Dated back to the Southern Dynasties and acknowledged as the top 4 Jungles in Fujian Province, the influential Buddhist temple is situated at the foot of Mount Phoenix, which is approximately three kilometers to the south of Putian. It was listed as one of the National Key Buddhist Temples in the Areas of the Han Ethnic Group by the State Council in 1983.

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