Intech MoonCake Gambling Took Place On October 23

Posted: Oct. 29th, 2015

Intech threw a dinner party at Xiamen Jiali Seafood Restaurant On October 23 in celebration of the Mid-autumn Festival, which was supposed to be observed on September 27 in accordance with the Gregorian Calendar.

The observance was put off because of the unavailability of the sales representatives, most of whom were on business trips all over the world last month. However, none of us made a complaint in spite of the delay.
Domestic sales representatives from Intech took a photo together

Over 120 employees from Xiamen Headquarter were in attendance for the party, including some of our factory workers as well as superiors. Intech CEO Mr. Sun delivered a short impromptu speech before the dinner party, which kicked off at half past six, followed by the traditional MoonCake Gambling that lasted for approximately one hour. Learn more about the MoonCake Gambling on this site.
Intech staff took participation in the traditional MoonCake Gambling

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