China Quality Month 2015

Posted: Oct. 17th, 2015

Dated back to 1978, the 38th China Quality Month took place in September, 2015. The annual national quality month campaign which lasted for one month was co-organized by 39 departments at the state level, including AQSIQ of the People's Republic of China, the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, the National Development and Reform Commission, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce, China Enterprise Confederation, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Education, etc, with the purpose of raising the awareness of the whole society and enhancing national competitiveness in terms of quality.

A variety of activities were carried out in support of the month-long campaign, such as symposiums, competitions, promotional programs, quality awards and so forth in accordance with the respective areas of concerns in various cities throughout the country, which involved the participation of thousands of well-known national enterprises.

As the top interactive whiteboard vendor with a large production capacity at 300,000 sets annually in China , Intech was nominated as the National High Quality & Integrity Enterprise Representative this year, and obtained the Certificate issued by the China Association for Quality Inspection.

As the top interactive whiteboard vendor, Intech was nominated as the National High Quality & Integrity Enterprise Representative this year

A wide range of highly competitive products based on the most advanced multi-touch technologies, a dedicated and innovative Hardware and Software R&D Team, an excellent and professional After-sales Service Team who are passionate about their work, implementation of standardized management in strict compliance with the ISO9001 Quality Management System & ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, etc., all enable us to stand out among our business competitors. Moving forward, we will spare no efforts to provide the best solutions for individual clients all over the world.

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