ISE2019 Journey

Posted: Feb. 15th, 2019

We have an amazing experience in ISE2019 in Amsterdam as an exhibitor from February 5 to 8. First of all, thank you all the visitors hanging out in our stand, and also thank you our staffs for establishing good partnerships with the visitors.
ISE2019 Journey for INTECH
Cooperated with the ultra short throw projector, INTECH all in one interactive whiteboard integrating innovative technologies makes your lessons or presentations easier than ever. In comparison to the interactive whiteboard, it integrates with the central control module, built-in OPS PC, visualizer, speakers and smartboard to reduce cost, save space and improve efficiency. The central control module can be used to fast control projector, speakers and future-ready connections. The visualizer delivers clear images to any space. The speakers give you perfect audio enjoyment.
INTECH all in one interactive whiteboard
The all in one interactive whiteboard also works with INTECH IWB software to help you create, share, and complete your lessons and presentations. Based on the previous whiteboard software, we display the new version of INTECH IWB software in ISE2019. It features fantastic functions, such as elastic and floating toolbar supporting the customized design, high-performance wireless presentation system to share multimedia resources to various devices, handwriting recognition to automatically convert your handwritten text into the print font, split screen with the individual toolbar, etc.
Most visitors agree that no matter of the veteran educators or inexperienced teachers, it is really important to harness the power of this technology at the digital age of education. Given these features, INTECH all in one interactive whiteboard cater the needs in the education technology world.

The other one of our showcase products in the ISE exhibition is the smart book cabinet that is the application of RFID technology. It is equivalent to the traditional library in terms of basic functions, but possesses the smart and automatic ability to self service patrons within 24 hours. This smart book cabinet is small enough to be put in any indoor space and convenient to transport, which is widely used in the school in China. With the help of our delegates, visitors grasp the operation steps of smart book cabinet to borrow, return and renew the books within a few seconds. Visitors highly appreciate the value of our smart book cabinet in the digital library field.
INTECH smart book cabinet
Did you miss us in ISE2019 last week? Don’t worry! Click here to contact us for more information about our products.

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