4 Tips Teach You How to Properly Maintenance Interactive Whiteboard

Posted: Aug. 18th, 2014

Interactive whiteboard has already become an indispensable tool for modern teaching. However, there are often a lot of user reflect, sometime the board can not work as usual, such as: it can't display the words you write under normal conditions, working status light is dark, strange noise in the process of using the board.

In fact, don't worry much about it, pay more attention to maintenance it will solve the problem. Next INTECH IWB give you several tips to maintenance whiteboard:

1.Don't touch interactive whiteboard by other tools except special pen and writing tools. Due to interactive whiteboard touch with objects with electromagnetic interference, it will harm the board. At the same, avoid touching with magnets, it will affect the use of whiteboard.

2.Since the board is made up of high wear-resistant material, it will not produce much problems under normal use, but make sure that avoid writing with sharp objects so that harm and cut off the board .Besides, you can not use oil-based markers to write on the whiteboard! If you have done it, please immediately dipped in alcohol and gently wipe the surface with cotton wool.

3.In order to ensure a excellent display effect, the board needs to be cleaned frequently. If whiteboard is used frequently, it is better cleaned once a week. Before you cleaned it, please shut down the power. Because when the computer is in another status, for example, a program is open or on the desktop, put pressure on the screen will activate the program or messed icons. After shut down the power, change the projector into standby mode, it will make it easier to show the stains. When moving the whiteboard, do not touch the screen or wipe the whiteboard.

4.In general, clean the board by soft cloth. Do not wipe the screen with a dry cloth to avoid electrostatic charge. Be sure to scrub with a damp cloth wrung out, avoid water seeping inside the board from the bottom plate. Try non-abrasive denatured alcohol and glass cleaner, you can also use a special whiteboard cleaner which can achieve better cleaning effects. When you encountered some dirts that difficult to remove, spray the cleaners onto the board, then wipe it by towel.

These are some daily use and maintenance methods summed up by INTECH IWB. For more, please visit: www.cnintech.com.

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