Impact of Interactive Whiteboards on Learning

Posted: Aug. 28th, 2014

Now I will introduce the impact of interactive whiteboard on students in details:

(1)Improve students' attention and understanding.
Compared with traditional blackboard teaching, the visual effects of the whiteboard, such as color, hide, animation, etc., can greatly attracted the attention of students, and using the theory of multiple intelligence, help students better understand and master knowledge. Especially to learning some abstract knowledge and concepts, INTECH IWB provides students with a variety of ways and ideas to analyze and solve problems.

(2)To facilitate students to review knowledge of the past and promote students to master the new knowledge
Because whiteboard can record the past teaching content and process (including the student's learning process), it will help students to consolidate and memories the old knowledge and concepts, so as to promote student learning and acquiring new knowledge.

(3)Help to mobilize the enthusiasm of the students in active learning in the classroom and participatory.
Some studies have shown that, as INTECH whiteboard make more emphasis on the participation of students and teachers, students and students, make the original classroom teaching high school students do not pay attention to listening, fidgeting, to wait for a phenomenon greatly reduced.

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