3 Points Should Be Attention When Choose IWB

Posted: Sept. 3rd, 2014

Nowadays, there are lots of interactive whiteboard brands exist in the market. But how to choose a reliable and useful one, it is really a trouble thing. Today INTECH IWB will recommend several tips for you:

1. By Performance
You should use it by yourself. That's the most effective way to learn the performance of the IWB.
Fox example:
(1)Positioning Accuracy
If a whiteboard can't position correctly, it will cause a lot of problems. So when you experience the board, please observe whether the position of the fonts and touch point can coincide. if coincidence is closely, it shows a very precise positioning section whiteboard.
An excellent whiteboard must be highly sensitive. You can try to write some words on the board to try to observe the tracking speed and judge the lagging time. If the lagging is very obvious, it is indicated that the product is not high sensitivity.
Whether the whiteboard is easy to recognize, whether it is humane, the whiteboard of easy to use will be the best choice for users.
Compared with whiteboard of different brands, including the effective sensing area, screen type, resolution, specifications and other parameters. A high-quality whiteboard must be equipped with its own developed software. Good software is like a highly intelligent brain, become the core of a whiteboard. INTECH IWB has a strong software developed team. It is more professional, will bring more pleasant for every client.

After comparing the performance, the biggest point that clients will concerned about is the price. A IWB with pretty good quality and reasonable price is easy to accepted by clients.

3.After Sales
After comparison, maybe you will find your satisfied choice, but maybe not. The most easy to use point is after-sale. INTECH IWB remind you that please attention whether manufacturers can supply with a completed after-sale service.

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