Quanshan Tourism District Used INTECH Solution to Create a 24h Smart Library

Posted: Aug. 10th, 2023

In order to meet the public cultural reading needs of tourists in the Quanshan tourism district, Intech smart mini library has been set up in different scenic spots. It was the first batch of 24-hour self-service libraries for tourism in Xuzhou City, China, aiming at enabling visitors to enjoy the charm brought by the integration of culture and tourism.

The smart mini library unveiled in Quanshan District this time is easy to use and full of a sense of technology. The device can quickly read, identify, and check out books fixed with RFID labels. Patrons only need to apply for an account on the self-service system through WeChat, and upload personal information register face recognition. Then they can borrow and return multiple books in less than 30 seconds. It greatly reduces the queue time and enhances the visitor’s satisfaction. The books can be available again for the next visitors once they are returned. Regarding the visitor’s health, the device also supports disinfecting the books in the cabinet.
easy to use of 24h smart mini library
Books are available at no cost to anyone, therefore, visitors can enjoy 24-hour reading services at any mini library spots in Quanshan District. The fully self-service plus semi-open reading environment creates a relaxed, pleasant, and harmonious reading atmosphere for visitors, and meets the cultural and entertainment needs of visitors. The 24h mini library also expands the service offerings of the Quanshan District to provide a convenient culture-sharing space for the general public and visitors.

At present, there are three mini library spots located in Quanshan District, including New Century Grand Hotel Xuzhou, Xuzhou Amusement Park, and Tianshi Square of Zhushan Tourism District. They are all located in the scenic area, and have become a new landscape to promote the integration of culture and tourism in Xuzhou.
Intech smart mini library located in different scenic area of Quanshan District, Xuzhou City
“The smart mini libraries are seamlessly integrated with the big data processing center of Quanshan District Library, which allows citizens or visitors to borrow and return books through facial recognition. It has streamlined circulation processes in the tourism area,” said Zhang He, the Director of Quanshan District Library.

These three mini libraries are all equipped with additional digital wayfinding signage, and connected to the Quanshan District Smart Cultural Tourism Service Platform. In consequence, visitors can not only inquire about Quanshan tourism resources and customize travel routes here but also choose their favorite books and enjoy reading time nearby scenic spots and hotels.

"60% of the books in the three libraries are related to tourism. It contributes to spreading the reading culture and creating a tourism reading space where tourists play. Meanwhile, it helps to promote the brand of "Cultural Tourism Quanshan District", and improve the tourism to a higher level." Wu Shu said, director of Quanshan District Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau.
24h smart mini library
Wu Shu also introduced, “In the next step, Quanshan District will further expand the coverage of the 24-hour smart mini library in the scenic spot according to the needs of the tourism market, and build more libraries near to citizens and tourists to further improve the public service system, enhance the connotation of tourism culture in Quanshan District, and promote the city culture soft strength.

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