Smart Reading Construction Project for Lianjiang County Workers' Cultural Palace

Posted: Sept. 19th, 2023

Lianjiang County Workers Palace of Culture is a crucial window for trade unions to serve employees, such as for study and training, sports and cultural leisure. To offer optimal cultural service and build a spiritual and cultural home, it sought Intech’s help to establish smart reading construction project jointly.
Lianjiang County Workers Palace of Culture
In order to facilitate the reading of the masses, optimize the reading environment, and offer a more high-quality and intelligent reading experience, the trade union introduced Intech smart mini library to provide employees with 24-hour self-service borrowing, query, renewal, and other services. The ability to self-service was a crucial factor in the decision to migrate to Intech when the trade union considered the library vendors.
Intech smart mini library
Intech library solutions, including smart mini library and 24-hour urban reading room, are characterized by central and sublibrary systems with low cost, easy deployment, and more energy-saving. It contributes to creating a diversified reading environment in urban areas, where citizens can enjoy reading at any time, encouraging them to become avid readers. The city will be filled with culture. That’s a win-win for a city and citizens alike.
Intech 24-hour urban reading room

Intech 24-hour urban reading room

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